Off duty police staff involved in ‘incident’ in Christchurch last night

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 20, 2022 |

Photo: Chris Lynch

Off-duty police staff in Christchurch have been involved in what has only been described as an “incident” last night.

The incident occurred on Hereford Street, near the Colombo Street intersection.

When Chris Lynch asked police about the nature of the incident, a police spokeswoman said “police are working through the circumstances of the incident.”

Christchurch Metro Commander Superintendent Lane Todd said police were conducting a scene examination following reports of an incident on Hereford Street last night that involved a group of off-duty Police staff and another group of people.

He said one person had been taken into custody on charges of theft and intentional damage.

Photo: Chris Lynch

They are due to appear in Christchurch District Court on Wednesday 23 March.

They are not a member of the Police.

Todd said three people involved were treated for minor injuries.

He said the investigation is being conducted by a senior CIB investigator and is in the very early stages of enquiry which will be ongoing.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority had been notified.

When Chris Lynch visited the scene this afternoon, police tape had blocked off a small section of retail.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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