No privacy concerns following burglary at Christchurch City Council

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 08, 2023 |

A burglary overnight has not raised any privacy concerns for the management of Christchurch City Council.

Police responded to reports of a burglary at the Hereford Street premises between 9pm and 1:15am.

Christchurch City Council General Manager of Resources and Chief Financial Officer Leah Scales said “we have reviewed our security camera footage and are assessing the full extent of what may have been taken.”

She said “all the information we have obtained in regard to this incident has now been passed onto the police, and we now see this as a police matter.”

There were no concerns in relation to public safety or privacy breaches. 

In the email seen by Chris Lynch Media, CEO Dawn Baxendale told staff “sadly over the weekend we’ve had a break-in in Te Hononga Civic Offices.

“You may notice your drawers open and things moved around on your desk.

She said “police have been notified and are working with us on next steps. They have what they need so you can go ahead and tidy up your desk.”

Baxendale urged staff to report anything missing or broken.

She encouraged staff who were feeling unsettled to call the council’s workplace support.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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