Most endangered penguin species in the world rescued in Sumner

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 02, 2023 |

Photo: Liza Bell

A Yellow-eyed penguin, the most endangered penguin species in the world, was rescued on Summer beach over the weekend.

Liza Bell said her friend saw the penguin on her morning walk and texted her at 10am on Sunday.

Bell is a member of the Summer Penguin Group that works with the Department of Conservation to care for sea and bird life in the area.

“I called DOC and they sent a ranger out. I sat with the bird (looked like a juvenile) until the rangers arrived as there were loads of dogs on Sumner Beach.

The rangers took the bird to the Christchurch Penguin Rehabilitation.

“Doc removed the bird as these penguins are highly endangered And would no chance of surviving a dog attack” Liza said.

“We have little blue penguins that nest on our beach but it’s the first yellow eyed penguin I’ve seen here.”

Watch the Christchurch couple dedicated to caring for penguins! Video: Christchurch City Council

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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