More FM host grapples with husband’s heartbreaking diagnosis

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 09, 2023 |

Popular More FM host Samantha Baxter is grappling with the devastating news that her husband’s brain cancer has returned, with doctors saying he has months to live.

The heart breaking news was made public by long time colleague and friend Lana Searle on the radio station’s breakfast programme, The Breakfast Club.

Baxter has worker with Si & Gary, to The Breakfast Club, to leading the More FM night show.

Fresh from her maternity leave, and looking forward to a new chapter with Samuel and their one-year-old, Luna, the news has placed a somber pause on her anticipated return to the airwaves.

In an intimate revelation, Lana shared that Samantha had approached her with the request to officiate their wedding, as the couple decided to fast-forward their nuptials after the medical diagnosis.

Samantha Baxter with Sam (August 2022) Photo Credit: Women’s Day

While radiation treatment awaits Samuel, medical experts are apprehensive about its potential effects, especially given the rapid deterioration of his condition.

Samuel is now unable to use his arm & dragging his foot making it incredibly hard to get around.

Doctors have tried a round of steroids to help with symptoms with no improvement.


A beacon of hope has emerged in the form of a non funded drug called Avastin.

This drug would help reduce swelling & symptoms on the brain, hopefully giving Samuel a better quality of life for these months he has with his loved ones.

Lana told Chris Lynch Media “when the two of them met in 2020, we all knew it was forever.

“They were joined at the hip. I suppose that is the cruelest part about it, despite the immeasurable amount of love these two not only have for each other but their beautiful daughter, family and friends, this disease has other plans.

Lana with Samantha Photo credit: Women’s Weekly

“Now forever looks different and we want to make the rest of the time they have left as special as possible.”

Samantha is now the primary care giver of her husband and Luna, in addition to grappling with her own health issues.

Samantha was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago.

A Givealittle page, aiming to alleviate some of their financial burdens, has been set up for the family.


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