Managed Isolation and Quarantine scaling down operations

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 09, 2022 |

Photo: RNZ

Managed Isolation and Quarantine is beginning to scale down its operations as international travel starts back up.

  By the end of June, 28 of the current 32 facilities will leave the MIQ network and return to being hotels. 

 Over 300 healthcare workers and nurses and over 230 police have returned to frontline duties, and over 600 defence personnel involved in the MIQ response will now return to their units. 

 MBIE is working with the remainder of its workforce and with employers, to help staff work through this period.

  Rydges Auckland will be the first facility to leave the network. Its contract comes to a natural end on 30 April and it will begin operating as a hotel again from mid-May.  

A small number of hotels will remain part of the system while the Government works through what might be needed in terms of a national quarantine capacity in the future. This could include retaining hotels or purpose-built facilities. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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