Major changes for one of Christchurch’s busiest roads “We want to move people, not more cars”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 05, 2022 |

Graphic: NZTA

Major changes are on the way for one of Christchurch’s busiest roads.

In a statement, NZTA said the changes on State Highway 76 Brougham Street make use of the existing road space to move more people, more safely. 

“We want to move people, not more cars. We want to encourage more people to walk, cycle, carpool or take a bus, creating great outcomes for communities, our economy and our environment.”

NZTA is proposing ‘T2’ lanes on Brougham Street.

These will operate in the morning and afternoon/evening when roads are busiest, and can be used by cars with two or more people, as well as buses and motorcyclists.

An overbridge will be built between Collins Street and Simeon Street for people who are walking or using a bike or scooter, and for people with impaired mobility.

Intersections will be upgraded along Brougham Street. Traffic signals will be changed, and turning arrows added.

A shared path along the south side of Brougham Street, between Opawa Road and Simeon Street, will be built, joining up with the existing Little River Link Major Cycle Route. The north side footpath on Brougham Street will remain pedestrian-only.

New signalised pedestrian crossings will be installed at Montreal and Gasson Streets and one near Wilsons Road.

Existing pedestrian crossings along Brougham Street will be “redesigned” to give people more room, including people who bike or with impaired mobility.

The speed limit along Brougham Street will also be reviewed.

And NZTA wants to “green up” parts of Brougham Street; with new planting along the south side of the road to separate the shared path from the road.

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A public meeting will be held on:

Wednesday 19 January 2022, 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Risingholme Community Hall
Entrances and parking are available at 99 Hawford Road. On-street parking and pedestrian entrances are available off Hawford Road, Reeves Road or Cholmondeley Avenue.

Chris Lynch
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