Hundreds without power across Banks Banks Peninsula

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 21, 2023 |

Graphic: Orion

Communities across Banks Peninsula remain without power following high winds overnight.

300 houses at Barrys Bay, French Farm, Tikao, Wainui lost power last night.

33 houses at Motukarara and Tai Tapu were also without power, along with residents in Little River, Okuti Valley, Peraki Bay, Robin Hood Bay, and Te Oka Bay,

Orion said “customers will be without power until Wednesday afternoon.

With good fortune the winds will be more acceptable making access easier and safer for our contractor to replace the pole and insulators. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Photo: Aynsley Tce / Deb Double-u Facebook

Meanwhile, flooding has affected some parts of Christchurch, but there are no warnings from the Christchurch City Council.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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