Gusty winds and heavy showers forecasted: Christchurch Residents advised to take precautions

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 21, 2023 |

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Residents are being warned to prepare for rain and strong winds predicted for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula from Saturday.

The main rain period is expected to begin on Saturday with showers turning heavy later in the evening. Totals could reach 25 to 40mm by the end of the day.

The heaviest rain period is anticipated to hit on Sunday and Monday with 30 to 50mm forecast for Sunday and 25 to 40mm on Monday.

Strong winds are also expected to accompany the rain especially around the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula, with wind gusts of 80 + km/h in some areas.  

Local Civil Defence Controller Mary Richardson said the council was taking its usual precautions by ensuring beach outfalls and wet weather grilles are clear.

“We will also have a pump out on Maces Road with another on standby in the Flockton area and the upper Heathcote flood storage basins will be operating so there may be fluctuating water levels in the river.

“If you know there are leaves blocking sumps or drains by your property, it would help us if you could remove them, and put them in your green wheelie bin.

It’s possible there may be flooding in some of our low-lying areas, especially around the Avon and Heathcote Rivers.

Residents do not need to report flooding on roads to the Council unless there is a genuine safety issue.

“The roads will cope with stormwater ponding on them and the water will drain away once the rain stops. If flooding does occur to treat all flood water as contaminated and if you have to travel through water on the road, please drive carefully and slowly.”

Staff and contractors are ready to respond to any issues that might arise.

Richardson said with the forecast strong winds, it’s also a good idea to make sure trampolines and any other outdoor items are secured.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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