Man attacked by gang members in front of shocked drive-through customers in Linwood

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 18, 2021 |

A man was attacked by a group of other men on Linwood Avenue last night.

An eyewitness told Chris Lynch the attack happened opposite Taco Bell drive-through on the island in the middle of the road at 8pm.

The attackers were wearing gang insignia she said.

She said four police cars showed up and then two ambulances.

A police spokeswoman said emergency services received multiple calls in relation to a man being assaulted by five other men on Linwood Avenue.

She said police arrived at the scene to find a man on the ground.

The man was seen by St John at the scene.

A St John Ambulance spokesman said an ambulance and a rapid response vehicle were sent to the scene.

One patient was treated at the scene but was not taken to hospital.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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