Foul odours return to Christchurch eastern suburbs, but this time it’s not the treatment plant

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 13, 2023 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council

Foul odours have returned to Bromley, Linwood and South New Brighton, but this time it’s unlike to be from the treatment plant.

In a statement released to residents this afternoon, the Christchurch City Council said staff have been in contact with Environment Canterbury and have reviewed the activities at the organics processing plant and the composting around the wastewater treatment plant ponds over the summer break.

Environment Canterbury received six odour complaints in early January.

A council spokesperson said “to better understand this odour, we’ve requested independent environmental experts include observations of any estuary smells during warmer weather and low-tide conditions in their proactive monitoring. 

Environment Canterbury issued a notice of non-compliance to the organics processing plant on 10 January 2023, relating to a detection of odour they believe was coming from the organics processing plant on that particular day.

This essentially advises of a potential breach of consent conditions and requests certain actions be taken.

“We’re investigating the situation and activity at the plant at that time, to better understand what might have been happening on the site to have caused this odour.”

All work spreading compost on the Ruru Road paddocks as part of a native planting programme around the oxidation ponds was stopped over the summer break, and is scheduled to restart on 16 January 2023.

Some compost was spread by contractors on the Breezes Rd and Dyers Rd paddocks following the standard procedure, but there was no stockpiling or other activities that would have generated the odour reported.

“The oxidation ponds continue to perform well and remain in good health with the interim treatment process, producing very minimal levels of hydrogen sulphide.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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