Fire remains contained, but reignition risk “high” at Pegasus

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 07, 2022 |

The fire at Pegasus Beach remains within its containment lines, but smoke is expected to be seen for several weeks.

Incident Controller Al Hutt said fire crews will be on standby in case of any major flare ups.

“People will still see and smell smoke for at least a couple of weeks. This is normal, and we ask that you only call 111 if you see flames.”

Access to the beach is still closed but Te Kōhaka o Tūhaitara Trust is working on getting the tracks open.

When access does eventually open, people are being asked to stick to the tracks including their animals.

“Do not walk into the burnt area, as there is risk of falling into ash pits.”

Hutt is also asking people to remain vigilant with fireworks.

“The risk of reignition at Pegasus Beach is high, so please don’t light any fireworks or bonfires nearby.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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