Extreme fire danger for West Coast

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 02, 2023 |

High and extreme fire danger is expected for the West Coast over the next couple of days, and Fire and Emergency is reminding everyone on the West Coast to take care.

Acting District Manager Atila de Oliveira says the vegetation across the district is getting drier – making good fuel for a wildfire.

“it’s getting hotter and the West Coast hasn’t had a lot of rain recently. Fires in these high and extreme conditions can spread very fast and can be difficult to control, so we need everyone to do their part to help prevent one starting,” he says.

“Please don’t light outdoor fires in these high and extreme fire conditions, even if you have a permit, as it’s too risky that your fire could get out of control – wait until the conditions are better.”

“We’d also ask anyone planning to do activities that may cause a spark – like mowing – to do these in the cooler parts of the day.”

“Check the conditions at www.checkitsalright.nz and follow our safety tips so we can keep the West Coast safe and avoid a devastating wildfire this summer.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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