Elderly sick dog stolen from a Christchurch animal rescue

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 06, 2023 |

A Christchurch animal rescue shelter is seeking the public’s help to locate a stolen elderly dog that requires urgent medical attention.

At 2.40PM on Thursday, a man broke into the premises of Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue on Barton Street in Woolston and stole Buddy, a Staffy/Mastiff.

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue Founder and Director Abbey van der Plas told Chris Lynch Media “the man walked around the back of the rescue, in the reserve, to peer over the backs of the runs.

He then cut a section of fence at the front by where he parked his car and climbed over.

“He threw the dog over the back fence into the reserve behind us.

“I’m waiting on the businesses across from us to open in the morning as they will have footage of the.”

Abbey expressed her concern over the comments on social media, speculating that the offender might be a “loving owner desperate to get his dog back.”

However, she swiftly clarified the situation, revealing the grim reality behind the dog’s captivity.

Buddy had endured a decade of life in chains, a tragic revelation substantiated by Abbey’s photograph displaying the dog’s visibly injured neck.

Buddy’s injured neck

”He is a super friendly older boy, loves everyone he meets and just wants to lean on you and cuddle. He does struggle with his back legs, and can’t walk far.”

Buddy was booked in for surgery on Monday to have multiple tumours removed she said.

“He’s on medication for his bad legs so if he’s chucked him over the fence it’s a 6-7ft drop. (Unless someone on other side).

“He was limping today just from a 10 min walk.”

A police spokesperson said they received a report of the dog being stolen on Thursday afternoon.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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