Cirque du Soleil bringing ice show to Christchurch for the first time

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 08, 2022 |

Photo : Matt Beard | Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil’s spectacular ice show is coming to Christchurch for the first time next year.

CRYSTAL features traditional figure skating and extreme skating – two disciplines that have never been seen before in a Cirque du Soleil production.

“CRYSTAL is a show full of “firsts” for Cirque du Soleil, and it has really helped shift our perspective on the interesting ways that the circus arts continue to evolve” says Robert Tannion, CRYSTAL’s Artistic Director.

Photo : Matt Beard | Cirque du Soleil

“The performance itself is all about perspective – how we see ourselves is a direct reflection of how we see the world. It’s a magical story that springs to life on the ice and we can’t wait to bring it to New Zealand in 2023.”

Geoff Jones, TEG CEO said, “It’s no secret that New Zealanders love Cirque Du Soleil.

We are thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with this incredible organisation. It’s a privilege to work with such a talented group of people who embrace boundless creativity. We know Kiwi fans will be blown away by Crystal.”

Photo : Matt Beard | Cirque du Soleil

It will run for three days at Christchurch Arena before heading to Auckland’s Spark Arena from July 4 – 9.

Fun Facts

CRYSTAL is Cirque du Soleil’s 42nd creation and the company’s very first acrobatic experience on ice.

Since its creation in 2017, the show has toured over 115 cities in 12 different countries including Canada, the US, UK, Mexico, France, Germany.

Photo : Matt Beard | Cirque du Soleil

It features seven traditional circus acts including trapeze, hand-to-hand, Banquine, aerial straps, hand-to-trapeze, juggling, and hand balancing – all performed on ice.

The CRYSTAL team makes approximately 300 real snowballs each week to use during pre-show animation.

CRYSTAL is Cirque du Soleil’s first and only touring show to incorporate multiple remastered pop songs into the soundtrack of a show – Beyoncé’s Halo, U2’s Beautiful Day, Nina Simone’s Sinnerman, and Sia’s Chandelier.

Photo : Matt Beard | Cirque du Soleil

The show travels with 80 pairs of skates (both hockey and figure skates) and each artist wears up to 4 pairs per show! – CRYSTAL is suitable for all ages.

Photo : Matt Beard | Cirque du Soleil


FRI 16 JUNE 7:30 SAT 17 JUNE 4PM & 8PM SUN 18 JUNE 1PM & 5PM


TUE 4, WED 5, THU 6, FRI 7 JULY 7:30PM, SAT 8 JULY 4 & 8PM SUN 9 JULY 1PM & 5PM


Tickets for CRYSTAL are now available exclusively to Cirque Club members. Cirque Club membership is free and includes access to advance tickets and special offers. To join, visit


CDS FANCLUB PRESALE: Tue 8 Nov, 9am > Thu 10 Nov, 9am CHRISTCHURCH TICKETEK NZ PRESALE: Mon 14 Nov, 12pm > Wed 16 Nov, 11am AUCKLAND TICKETMASTER NZ PRESALE: Mon 14 Nov, 12pm > Wed 16 Nov, 11am


General tickets will be on-sale on Wednesday 16th November

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