Christchurch’s bus interchange remains closed because of a “technical outage”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 23, 2023 |

Christchurch’s bus Interchange remains closed on Monday.

Environment Canterbury runs the bus service, but the organisation isn’t answering media questions.

On Sunday night, Environment Canterbury’s General Manager of Public Transport Stewart Gibbon said on Facebook some scheduled maintenance by its supplier has caused an unexpected outage which is affecting the interchange.

“We have temporarily redirected buses to outside the interchange on Lichfield Street to ensure services and operations can continue. We are pleased to report that services continue to operate as scheduled,” he said.

Until the Interchange can be reopened, the Metroinfo counter will be temporarily closed.

Customers who need to top up or order new cards can do online at

There’s no word on when the interchange will reopen.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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