Christchurch mum angry after son attacked at bus lounge

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 12, 2023 |

A Christchurch mother is calling for better security in and around the Riccarton bus lounges.

Last Tuesday a group of seven teenagers assaulted her 15-year-old son and stole his shoes she said.

The mother told Chris Lynch Media her son and his girlfriend were confronted by the group which “slapped him” several times across his face.

The assailants then brazenly stole his shoes.

The shaken couple phoned police, hoping for swift action to apprehend the culprits.

However, his mother claims police deemed the incident unworthy of immediate attention, suggesting that if the troublemakers returned to cause further disturbances – they would intervene.

The mother said later that day she took her son to the police station to file a report.

“The officer at the desk remarked, “kids will be kids,” right in front of my son.

“You can imagine my response to that!” expressed the mother indignantly.

“I used to always tell my kids, if you’re in trouble ring the police; they will help you.

“After our experience, none of us believe that now, and I find that really sad and I’m angry at the police failing my child.”

“The council needs to step up and get more security into that depot,” demanded the concerned mother.

“They only have one guard servicing both sides of the road.

“This is unacceptable as it jeopardises not only the public’s safety but the workers as well.”

“I will be taking my issues with the lack of security to the council and I plan on starting a petition to parliament on harsher sentences for youth crime.

“It’s talked about everywhere, people are mad about it, but no one seems to be doing anything!”

A police spokeswoman confirmed “police received a complaint which is being assessed for investigation, following a report of an incident on Riccarton Road, Christchurch at around 3.20pm on Tuesday 6 June.”

Christchurch City Council General Manager of Resources Leah Scales said “we currently employ one security guard to look after both lounges during weekdays.

“We keep track of reported trends and adjust staff accordingly.

“We seek to maintain a safe environment for our bus patrons and will be reviewing our staffing levels in light of this incident.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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