CANTERBURY BUSINESS INSIDER: Zeal Consultants disrupting the global IT sector

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 09, 2023 |

Zeal Consultants is based in Addington Christchurch [sponsored content]

An innovative IT company based in Christchurch is making waves in the global IT sector with its direct client based approach.

Zeal Consultants Director, Mike Walker said “we are actually quite disruptive in the IT marketplace within New Zealand and worldwide.

Zeal was born out of the need for business-to-business relationships. Zeal is all about the client and the client’s needs. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions to Christchurch businesses, we offer specific solutions that are tailored to your requirements.”

Zeal Consultants’ Technical Director and Consultant Ricky Cunningham at the Issac Theatre Royal

Zeal Consultants’ Technical Director and Consultant Ricky Cunningham, highlighted the importance of having an IT business partner with any company.

“Having an IT business engage with your business is really important because it takes away that worry from most people.

Zeal Consultants Director at Lone Star’s headquarters

“It can be a very complicated landscape. If you’re not sure what you need to know, that’s where we come in and take all their stress away from you. We are your virtual IT managers, the people you contact for anything IT-related.”

Zeal Consultants sets itself apart by not charging clients a service level agreement on a monthly basis.

Instead, they charge only when work needs to be done, a practice that differs significantly from the standard IT market.

Walker said, “we take the time to come into your business, understand what you’re trying to achieve from an IT perspective, and design a solution that addresses both your technological needs and budget constraints.”

Cunningham elaborated saying, “we handle everything in the background—servers, cloud storage, infrastructure, Microsoft services, and any other platforms needed. But our primary focus is ensuring that end-users have a seamless experience.”

Security is a top priority for Zeal Consultants

Cunningham said “understanding security is really important for any business but can be hard to grasp for most people.

We take the challenge away from businesses.”

We’re ahead of the game, with years of experience in dealing with security threats. We monitor and maintain it so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Walker further emphasised the value of their services, “when you call us, you’re getting highly experienced IT technicians onto your issue very quickly.

There are no help desks, no middlemen, no account managers—just directors dealing with IT consultants every time.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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