Christchurch company wanting “head cannabis tester”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 11, 2023 |

A Christchurch company is looking for a new “Head Cannabis Tester” to be part of its team based in its “world class facility.”

Aether Pacific Pharmaceuticals says it’s one of New Zealand’s largest indoor growing facilities.

On an ad on TradeMe it said “we require an experienced cannabis tester to be part of our quality control program.

“We are currently expanding due to demand for our product and our company is undergoing investment and huge opportunities.

“If you want to be part of it and have experience in testing cannabis then please apply.

“We want you on board with Aether Pacific Pharmaceuticals and our Medical Kiwi Cultivation Unit. You must have a passion for cannabis and know what you are talking about. No time wasters please.

“We are serious about providing quality product and need an easy going/ relaxed /team player who is interested in being part of an industry that is exciting and has the potential to provide people with endless benefits.

“Let us know why you would be suited to the position and why we should have you on our team. If you have been directed to the wrong area and are an investor, not a tester… please text grow to 3589 for all the relevant information.

This is as casual position, with hours based on an as required basis.”

A former director of the company said the ad was “no joke” and discouraged “potheads” from applying.

It’s a serious job, but one that requires technical expertises, not practical experience.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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