Cathedral precinct likely to remain at original Christchurch site

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 25, 2023 |

Christchurch Bishop Michael Gielen has announced a preferred site for a Cathedral Precinct on the diocese’s Barbadoes Street site, and is seeking feedback through a three-month engagement process before he makes the final decision.

In a pastoral letter delivered in churches in December, Bishop Gielen stated that the world has changed since the 2019 decision to build a cathedral in Armagh Street.

One of the changes noted is a rise in the cost of living.

Three potential sites have been identified for the new cathedral, the letter stated.

These are the site at Barbadoes Street, the land at Armagh Street and Manchester Street (with the renovation of St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral).

“Each site has been approached considering its historical and spiritual significance, the capacity for the site to accommodate supporting facilities: a community and cultural centre, a priests’ residence, diocesan and parish offices, an adoration chapel, and possibly a school or schools.

“We also considered potential for future growth, accessibility and parking, and ultimately the financial viability of each site, remembering our wider financial commitments to all parishes in the diocese and the important responsibility to support those who have suffered while in Church care.

“The clear recommendation is that we return to our humble and historical roots and locate our cathedral on Barbadoes Street”.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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