Crowdfunding campaign for baby-loss awareness doco

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 14, 2023 |

The Garden Room trailer. Supplied.

The creator of a baby-loss awareness documentary is crowdfunding for post-production costs so the film can be released into cinemas.

The feature-length documentary, The Garden Room, follows a Christchurch family who lost their baby boy, stillborn, at full term.

Documentary maker Kirsty Cameron said, “Stillbirth and baby loss is still a very taboo topic shrouded in silence in New Zealand. It is my hope the film will open conversations, encourage compassion and support.”

The film centres around Christchurch couple Ben and Kylie, along with their four children — ranging in age from 4 to 14.

At 40-weeks gestation with their baby boy, Kylie met with her midwife at Rangiora Hospital for a stretch and sweep. It is here that Kylie’s midwife makes a devastating discovery. The baby has no heartbeat. 

Kylie is rushed to Christchurch Women’s Hospital where, in the hospital’s Garden Room with Ben at her side, she delivers a beautiful baby boy. They name him Grayson. He never takes a breath.

“The Garden Room movie picks up the family’s story here with raw, emotive interviews of Ben, Kylie and their kids sharing about their grief — and hope,” Cameron said.

The doco has been selected to screen on Shine TV New Zealand and GOOD TV Australia and will be entering festivals which could see it shown in cinemas worldwide.

“It’s a heart-wrenching story but full of education and hope. As the sole creator — from filming to editing, the doco has been self-funded until now,” Cameron said.

“But in order to finish the film I’m crowdfunding with Boosted to pay skilled post-production artists to colour and mix sound for theatre release,” she said.

With just four days left for crowdfunding, Cameron is $8,340 shy of her $20,000 target.

Boosted is an all or nothing fundraiser, if we don’t hit $20,000 then none of the funds come to us. All donations are returned to donors,” said Cameron.

“Sadly without the funds, the film won’t be finished for broadcast and we will miss out on the incredible opportunity to release it on television here and in Australia, as well as a worldwide festival,” she said.

The Garden Room will give a voice to those families suffering through their grief in silence,” Cameron said.

To contribute to this crowdfunding campaign, find out more at Boosted.

The Garden Room. Supplied.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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