Bullet Pierces Lounge Window While Christchurch Family Sleeps

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 29, 2024 |

A shot was fired at the lounge window of a property on Marine Parade.

The incident happened between midnight and 6 a.m., on Friday.

The resident, who was home with their daughter at the time spoke to chrislynchmedia.com. 

“We had been sitting up until around midnight watching TV – thank God neither of us were hit,” the resident said.

“Everyone was in bed at the time. No-one woke up to it, as our bedrooms are downstairs, and lounge is upstairs, with lounge window facing the road.

“Police said to my husband that as they were busy over the long weekend, someone would visit later and we were asked to take photos.”

The home’s security camera did not capture any footage of the incident, leading the resident to believe that the shot may have been fired from the sand dunes nearby.

The family who live at the north end of Marine Parade, expressed relief that everyone was unharmed during the incident.

“Thank God my husband, daughter and I were all downstairs and no one was injured!” the resident said.

“There really are some idiotic people out there.”

A police spokeswoman told chrislynchmedia.com they received a report on Friday morning (28 June) from occupants at a property on Marine Parade that there is a hole in their window believed to have been caused by a bullet fired overnight.

“Police will attend the scene on Monday to make further enquiries and determine what has happened.”


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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