BP apologises after petrol pump mix up at Russley Road connect

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 31, 2022 |


BP is apologising to Christchurch customers who filled up their vehicles with diesel instead of Regular 91.

A spokesperson said the company identified an issue affecting the supply of Regular 91 at BP Connect Russley Road over a period from approximately 7:30pm on Monday August 29th to 10am on Tuesday August 30th.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to impacted customers.

The quality of our fuel is extremely important to us and BP will compensate customers in any instances where there are proven fuel quality issues.”

The spokesperson said Regular 91 grade transactions were being investigated.

“We are proactively working with impacted customers to resolve this issue.”

Driver Michelle told Chris Lynch she was caught out by the mix-up and and put $50 of diesel into her car from the 91 pump.

“BP gave me the number for Fuel Rescue, who rescued me within a few hours. It was amazing friendly fast service.

BP paid the bill. It was very stressful initially as I was unsure why my car wouldn’t start and there was smoke coming from the exhaust.

I’m grateful to my family and work colleagues for helping me out.”

Another motorist was also affected. The tradesman managed to get from the BP service station to a job on the Christchurch Port Hills before the car stopped working his mother said.

The BP spokesperson said any customers who are concerned and who purchased Regular 91 from bp Connect Russley Road during this time period can also contact us on 0800 800 027.”

What happens if you put diesel in a petrol car?

The AA said if diesel was put into a petrol car, the car simply won’t start.

“It’s a real pain. But it’s not as bad as the damage that petrol can cause to a diesel engine. Your petrol engine shouldn’t have any permanent damage once the fuel’s drained out.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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