Christchurch Waste Treatment plant update

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 24, 2022 |

The Metservice is forecasting a weather change tomorrow, which means bad news for those living near the fire-damaged treatment plant.

After a frosty start with light westerly winds, the wind will change to a strong southerly in the afternoon, meaning people living near the wastewater treatment plant and along the coast can expect to experience more smells in the morning before the winds pick up.

The stronger southerly will dissipate the smells in the afternoon, although residents in Wainoni, Burwood, Aranui and North New Brighton/Waimari might still experience more odours than other parts of the city.

Meanwhile, on-site contractor, Southern Demolition & Salvage, is continuing preparations to remove the material from the trickling filters.

The contractors will use an excavator at the top of the ramp to reach over the walls of the trickling filter and remove the material.

This photo from yesterday shows how the sheet-piling for the access ramp is progressing. Credit: Christchurch City Council

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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