Baby found in stolen car following chase in Aranui

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 11, 2024 |

Image of stolen car / supplied

A baby was among the occupants of a stolen car that failed to stop for police.

At 1.15PM police observed a stolen vehicle on the Northern motorway in Christchurch.

The vehicle was driving erratically and police deployed road spikes in the Pages Rd / Rowan Rd area a police spokesperson said.

A witness told Chris Lynch Media the vehicle was doing laps around the Aranui area, with all four tyres blown out.

At one stage the vehicle mounted the footpath and drove through red lights before coming to a stop on Yarmouth Street.

Footage sent to Chris Lynch Media shows three police units following the stolen car, while onlookers clap and cheer.

The police spokesperson said two youths were taken into custody.

A witness said a baby was inside the stolen vehicle.

Police described the occupant as “a child.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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