What’s the advice on masks at schools in Alert Level 2?

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 06, 2021 |

The Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said “we would be recommending the use of masks and schools but we’re not requiring it. “

Everywhere outside of Auckland will move to alert level 2 from 11.59pm on Tuesday

Schools will have 48 hours to prepare for reopening on Thursday.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield said “certainly, for students 12 and above in secondary school settings, we’d be strongly recommending that they’re, and then I think as an option for younger children”

“If parents wish their children to be wearing a mask and they’ve got the confidence they know how-to, and of course, that does raise issues about access to masks, but it’s not a requirement.”

Dr Bloomfield was asked at this afternoon’s press conference why mask-wearing at school would not be mandated.

“First of all, we wouldn’t be recommending going down to level two, unless we were very confident there wasn’t a risk of spread of the virus.”

“I think it’s an area we will keep an eye on and look and see what the evidence shows.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said “it’s very hard to compare New Zealand setting to other countries because often other countries settings are consistent with COVID in the community.”

“Whereas, as we move down through level two, there’s a risk, but we currently don’t have community transmission, so we take precautionary actions so that if a case arises, we’re in a better position.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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