State of emergency declared Auckland

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 27, 2023 |

Radio Apna

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has tonight declared a state of local emergency.

“This declaration reflects the extent of damage, displacement and disruption caused by this evening’s severe weather event and enables emergency services and response agencies to draw on resources, and enact additional powers, to assist affected Aucklanders,” says Mayor Brown.

The region has experienced widespread damage from flooding and torrential rain, with reports of slips and inundation. Infrastructure and emergency services alike have been overwhelmed by the impacts of the storm.

The declaration of state of local emergency comes into force immediately and expires in seven days.

Mayor Brown has been closely monitoring the situation in his office all evening and has received continuous updates on the situaiton from Auckland Emergncy Management, including the Duty Contoller and his team. The declaration was signed immediately following formal advice from the Duty Controller of Auckland Emergency Management that it was required.

Mayor Brown is urging residents affected by flooding to stay safe and take advice from emergency responders.

“We want to make sure that all residents are kept informed, and emergency services are able to reach those who are most vulnerable and at risk as quickly as possible. Do not put yourself at risk,” he says. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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