Bishopdale resident threatened after catching youths dumping stolen car

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 06, 2023 |

A Bishopdale resident who caught youths dumping a stolen car on her street was left frustrated when police said there was not much they could do.

The resident heard a car door slam at 8.30 AM on Friday.

“Our street is very quiet so you hear everything. I looked out the window and saw two boys putting hoodies on, covering their faces, and putting stuff in their bags while walking away from the Mazda Demio.”

The resident said she went outside to get a better view of them.

“Just as they turned the corner of our street, I told my partner I was calling the police, but the youths heard me, turned around, and ran towards me pulling weapons and tools out of their bags and yelling. I ran back inside and didn’t hear what they said.

The youths then went back to the car and grabbed a couple more items. Police arrived about 15 minutes later but couldn’t track them.

The resident said the car was stolen, but police told her there was not much they could do given their age.

“The kids get next to no punishment and will be out again tonight doing the same thing,” the police officer told her.

The resident said the ignition of the car was “buggered” but thankfully police managed to find the rightful owner.

The car was stolen from the east side of Christchurch and was the third Mazda Demio to be dumped on her street in the past 6 months the resident said.

“The last one that was dumped had been customised for someone in a wheelchair which makes it even worse.”

The incident happened three hours after youths smashed their way into the Supervalue supermarket in Fendalton as first reported by Chris Lynch Media.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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