Youths, not arrested by police, boast about their crime sprees

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 27, 2022 |

Youths smash into an Addington store on Christmas Eve

Youths involved in smash-and-grab raids in Addington, Rangiora and Lyttelton have boasted about their crimes on social media.

Three businesses in Lyttelton were targeted on Tuesday morning, while on Monday, youths broke into a clothing store in Rangiora, stealing thousands of dollars worth of stock.

VIDEO: Youths smashed into a vape store in Addington (Supplied)

On Christmas Eve, youths smashed their way into a vape store in Addington.

In private messages sent to each other, the teenagers laughed about being “spiked” by police on Tuesday morning, before eventually being caught.

Youths smash into a Rangiora store, stealing thousands of dollars worth of stock

Chris Lynch Media understands one of the offenders involved in a recent smash-and-grab is 10 years old.

In one video, a young person is filmed cutting off their electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

In October, the mother of a 10-year-old boy told Chris Lynch Media she was beside herself, as there was nothing she could do to stop him from running away and committing crimes.

It’s understood one of the offenders from the latest crime spree has 30 active changes against his name.

In a statement provided by police on Tuesday, it said police were still investigating the raids in Addington and Rangiora and no one was arrested.

VIDEO: Youths smash into a clothing store in Rangiora stealing thousands of dollars worth of stock. Video: Supplied

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