Youths in stolen car lead police on dramatic chase

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 13, 2023 |

Police have taken four youths into custody following a fleeing driver incident in Christchurch overnight.

The offending vehicle was seen travelling on Colombo and identified as the same vehicle involved in a burglary in Hornby on earlier in the evening.

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch Media police signalled for the vehicle to stop on Barrington Street, and it failed to do so.

Staff attempted to spike the vehicle and were unsuccessful.

A short time later, police pursued the vehicle and it drove through the window of a furniture store on Blenheim Road and continued driving, causing extensive damage to the premises.

The vehicle stopped on Elizabeth Street a short time later and both of the occupants were taken into custody.

One youth is charged with reckless driving, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and failing to stop for police and the other is charged with unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle.

Both are due to appear in Christchurch Youth Court today.

The remaining two were released from custody.

Chris Lynch Media understands all youth justice facilities in Canterbury are full.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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