Police search for youths linked to serious crash involving stolen car

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 29, 2023 |

Photo: Bondy Live | More FM Canterbury

Christchurch police are still looking for the youths linked to a serious crash involving a stolen car.

Two people were injuried, one seriously, following the crash at the intersection of Buchanans Road and Carmen Road at 3.25PM on Tuesday.

The occupants in one of the vehicles were youths, who fled the scene in the car.

Police located the stolen vehicle last night.

Chris Lynch Media understand the driver of the stolen car pulled a sharp handbrake turn smashing into a victim’s car.

It’s alleged one of the occupants of the stolen vehicle was a child.

The youths are believed to be “well known” to police and have committed multiple crimes.

Oranga Tamariki was asked to comment on what it was doing to keep Christchurch motorists safe from child offenders.

A spokeswoman said “as there is an active police investigation underway, we cannot comment.”

A police spokesman said they cannot speculate around aspects of what may have contributed to the crash while an investigation is in progress.

He said “enquiries were ongoing to locate the occupants of the (fleeing) vehicle.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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