You’re not welcome, Police tell anti-social road users

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 28, 2024 |
Supplied by police

Canterbury Police have impounded cars, issued infringement notices and ordered vehicles off the road, ahead of a weekend of planned gatherings by anti-social road users.

 Police across the North Island and parts of the South are on high alert, and have redeployed additional staff and resources to support several operations taking place over the long weekend.

 One of the first was Operation Cartel, where between 10pm on Thursday and 2am Friday, police interrupted six “skid meets” in Christchurch and two in Rolleston. About 100 cars were involved in the illegal activity.

 Inspector Craig Scott said three vehicles were impounded for sustained loss of traction, and 18 infringement notices were issued to other drivers.

 Two vehicles were given green stickers for compliance issues, while another was deemed unsafe and given a pink sticker, preventing it from being driven.

 “We have seen too many instances where this illegal behaviour has put lives at risk, caused injury, and created unrest in our communities.

 “The results of last night’s operation in Canterbury show that we’re pushing back on this unwanted activity.

 Anti-social road users aren’t welcome on our roads. We don’t want them or the damage or the damage they cause. We’re not standing for it.



 “Canterbury Police will have a much larger presence on the roads from tonight. We’re sending a message to everyone who takes part in these events: Expect us to be waiting for you.”

 Information from members of the public, including 111 calls reporting illegal activity, plays a key part in helping us track where these car enthusiasts are operating, and allows Police to set up checkpoints that bottleneck vehicles when they try to leave, Inspector Scott said.

 “We’re asking the community for as much information as possible about these anti-social gatherings. This includes details of cars, such as licence plate numbers, or what streets they’re meeting on.

 “Never put yourself at risk to get that information, and please do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.”

 Call 111 immediately if it is happening now, or share information after the fact through our 105 service.

 Alternatively, you can report any information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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