“Yes it’s a murder inquiry” police release more details on Aranui homicide

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 06, 2024 |

Christchurch police are seeking a sightings of a second vehicle linked to the homicide in Aranui.

38-year-old David Bridgwater was found dead on Carisbrooke Street early Thursday morning near his car.

Armed police, supported by the Armed Offenders Squad raided a house on the same street on Saturday morning.

Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves said police were “speaking to some people who are cooperating with us.

We might do search other warrants” she said.

Police were seeking sightings of a second vehicle, a green 2003 Holden Commodore, registration BGE263.

“Police would like to hear from anyone who has seen this car since around 2am on 4 January and any time since then” Reeves said.

Police were still seeking sightings of the white 2006 Toyota Crown, registration LEQ895, which was driven by Bridgwater and found at the scene of his death.

“I understand people can sometimes be reluctant to speak with police so I would like to remind everyone that information can also be provided anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Reeves said “David’s family is really shocked about what’s happened.

“They’re devastated about the news of the son, their brother, as you’ve said here as a father, they’re coping very well under the circumstances.

“It’s very early days. They’ve got a really long road ahead of them.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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