Woolston scrap metal yard boss says intruders caught on cctv night of fire

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 22, 2022 |

National Steel Managing Director Vipan Garg speaks to Chris Lynch

The company boss of the Woolston scrap metal yard which caught fire said intruders were caught on CCTV the night of the fire.

Fire and Emergency crews were called to the National Steel scrap metal yard in Woolston, at 8pm last Wednesday.

At its peak, 18 fire trucks were used to fight the blaze with more than 50 firefighters on the scene.

National Steel managing director Vipan Garg told Chris Lynch CCTV footage shows “four intruders” walking into the yard.

He said he didn’t know who they were, but footage had been handed over to police.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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