Westfield shop owner allegedly kicked and punched in vicious mall attack

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 30, 2024 |
Police car outside Westfield Mall in Riccarton following the attack
Police car outside Westfield Mall in Riccarton following the attack

A store owner at Westfield Riccarton mall has been the victim of a vicious attack by a group of teenage girls.

Police were called to the mall near Division Street at 5 PM.

Four girls allegedly attempted to steal lollies from a sweet shop.

Police car outside Westfield mall

Police car outside Westfield mall

Police confirmed a “theft” took place and they were investigating, but omitted the most serious aspects of the crime.

Chris Lynch Media spoke to the shaken victim of the alleged attack, who was nursing his bruised face and neck with an ice pack.

He said he was in shock because of the age of the offenders.

“They only looked about 14 or 15 years of age, and there were four of them – all girls” he said.

“They kicked and punched me in the face, and all I could try to do was defend myself,” he said.

The victim mentioned that mall security was unable to do much, although when Chris Lynch Media arrived at the scene, a security guard appeared to be comforting the store owner.

A customer service woman from Westfield told Chris Lynch Media to contact the Australian owners of the mall but provided no contact details.

Westfield has never responded to previous media inquiries about other assaults at its Riccarton mall.

Two police vehicles were stationed on Division Street outside the mall, just metres from where the alleged attack took place.

The shop owner was confident the offenders would be caught given the high-quality mall security cameras facing the shop.

When Chris Lynch Media pressed police for more details, they responded, “There is a report that one person was assaulted.

The information in front of me suggests an ambulance was not required. At this early stage, enquiries are ongoing.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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