Watch: Police still hunting criminals of brazen daylight robbery in Auckland

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 07, 2022 |

Watch: brazen daylight robbery in Auckland central

Police are still hunting the criminals involved in yesterday’s brazen daylight robbery in Auckland central.

An off-duty police officer was injured during the robbery yesterday afternoon, after six people used weapons to smash into a high-end jewellery store.

Shops near The Hour Glass went into immediate lockdown during the incident at about 3.45pm.

Police said six people used weapons to get into the store and stole two bags of jewellery.

Radio New Zealand reported that bystanders and an off-duty officer stepped in and recovered the two bags.

But the officer was hit in the head by one of the robbers and taken to hospital with moderate injuries.

One person was arrested at the scene.

National’s Justice Spokesman Paul Goldsmith posted the video online saying the incident was “devastating.”

He said “it’s more evidence of Labour’s soft-on-crime approach, the culture of excuses that it’s always somebody else’s fault and lack of consequences for offenders.

New Zealanders no longer feel safe in their business or community” he said.

His colleague MP Simeon Brown said “Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand where criminals brazenly undertake a smash and grab in downtown Auckland in broad daylight. Labours soft on crime approach is not working.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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