Warning issued after permitted burn pile got out of control

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 12, 2023 |

Fire and Emergency is reminding people to be very careful with their fire activity following a fire near Nelson on Tuesday.

The fire started at a firewood supply yard near Appleby around 4pm after a permitted burn pile got out of control.

Crews and trucks from 10 different brigades worked alongside two helicopters to contain and extinguish the fire.

The last crew left the scene around 3am, with the property handed back to the owners this morning.

Assistant Commander Craig Davies says the fire had a lot of wood in a relatively small area and was fanned by strong winds, which resulted in a high intensity fire that was difficult to extinguish. 

“Our mainly volunteer personnel we had at the fire all worked extremely hard and it is a credit to them that the fire was contained and prevented from spreading.

“Unfortunately, a front-end loader, a truck and a firewood splitter were destroyed in the blaze, but the work of the crews meant the neighbouring properties were protected.

“We would like to thank Taylors Contracting and Fulton Hogan, who helped by supplying water tankers and front-end loaders.”

Craig Davies says the very dry and windy conditions, with wind gusts up to 90kmh, will be present in the area again on Wednesday, so people should be cautious with any burning or spark-generating activity.

“Please be very careful with ignition sources and please remember to always check the local fire danger at www.checkitsalright.nz and follow our safety guidelines, even if you have a permit to light a fire.

“If the fire danger is Very High or Extreme, it is best to postpone a fire.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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