Unruly customers vandalise McDonald’s causing thousands of dollars worth of damage

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 12, 2022 |

Unruly customers vandalised a McDonald’s restaurant over the weekend in Christchurch causing thousands of dollars with of damage.

The Riccarton branch on Riccarton Road is still in clean up mode, after teenagers caused havoc in the restaurant.

A McDonald’s spokesman told Chris Lynch on Saturday night the restaurant saw a large amount of anti-social behaviour.

“This included toilets being vandalised, graffiti, and four EFTPOS terminals being ripped off the order kiosks.

This impacted restaurant trading and customer experience yesterday and today.”

The local manager said plumbers and IT technicians were working in the restaurant this morning repairing the damage, as well as working out how to remove some of the graffiti.

The spokesman said close to $10,000 worth of damage was caused on Saturday alone.

He said security guards work on weekend nights, but it was particularly bad on Saturday night.

The spokesman anti-social behaviour was not specific to McDonald’s, nor to Christchurch.

“As you will have seen, and probably reported, antisocial and aggressive behaviour is something customer facing businesses are having to deal with on an ongoing basis, and certainly something that’s escalated in the last few years.”


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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