Family ‘devastated’ following unprovoked attack on 14 year old boy in Linwood

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 23, 2022 |

The family of a 14-year-old boy is “devastated” following an unprovoked attack in Linwood on Saturday.

A relative told Chris Lynch the boy was walking home around 5pm on Linwood Avenue opposite the park with his friends, when out of nowhere a group of older youths, approached him punching him in the face.

“He was tackled to the ground and kicked in the body and head. Fortunately, he covered his head with his arms to prevent severe injuries.

They stole his new Nike hoodie that I brought for him for his birthday.

A passerby in a car stopped and filmed the attack and we would love for this person to come forward so this can be passed on to the police.”

The boy was rushed to Christchurch’s Emergency Department and later discharged the same evening.

The same group of youths attacked another boy just minutes before on Aldwins Road, stealing his new shoes.

The relative said “all this heartache for a $150 hoodie that these little pricks think they’re entitled to.

Our family is devastated for him and the other boy who was attacked. I guess if – and when the police find them they won’t be able to do much.”

The relative said, “if my boys had come home with very expensive shoes or a hoodie, I would be demanding to know where they got them from, but sadly not everyone has the same morals.”

A police spokesman confirmed the two attacks happened in the same area.

“Police responded to two disorder incidents in Linwood on 22 October around 5pm.

Two people have minor injuries and have reported their possessions were taken in the incidents.

Police have spoken with the injured people to establish the circumstances of the incidents.

Police inquiries continue.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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