Victim of vicious Hilmorton High School attack says Justice System failed her

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 01, 2023 |

Photo: Screen shot of attack

The victim of a serious assault at Hilmorton High School says she’s lost faith in the Justice System.

Chris Lynch Media first reported the vicious attack in November after being sent the disturbing footage from a concerned family member.

It shows the victim sitting down against a wall, being antagonised by another girl who is standing over her telling her to “get the f*** up.”

One pupil encourages the girl to “punch her.” The assault happened on the school grounds.

The victim is surrounded by a group of girls and boys who are laughing while a student films the incident.

The girl sitting down refuses to get up, so the girl standing over begins to “soft” kick her at first.

The victim tries to defend herself by grabbing the girl’s leg, who then trips over and begins to punch the girl, with much more force – in the head. She also kicks the girl.

Another student joins in and attacks the victim, kicking her, and punching her multiple times in the head. out

The victim said she received a letter from the police this week informing her that they gave the offender supervision even though she claims she was already on supervision when the assault happened for stealing cars and assaulting other people.

Photo: Screen shot of attack

“I feel so let down by the justice system and wish more was done to make sure I had more of an input in the process.

“I feel upset and kind of angry that nothing really came of it. I think that what happened deserves a proper punishment and not just a slap on the wrist.”

The victim, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said Hilmorton School was “kind of supportive.”

“They did expel the offenders, so I think they did good.”

The victim said she had since moved to another school.

“Physical violence was widespread and kids these days getting away with too much and I know that sometimes it’s not the parents fault but sometimes parents just need to discipline their kids” she said.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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