Two wharves in Akaroa will be upgraded this winter

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 13, 2024 |
Two wharves in Akaroa will be upgraded this winter

A condition assessment carried out on Akaroa Wharf in late 2018 identified the structure was reaching the end of its useful life and on-going repair and maintenance was not economical.

Construction of the new Akaroa Wharf is expected to begin in late 2025, following resource consent approval, and be completed in 2027. The resource consent will be publicly notified, with a public hearing held in mid to late 2025.

Before Akaroa Wharf is closed, Drummonds Jetty will be completely rebuilt. Daly’s Wharf will also undergo strengthening work, and a crane and diesel bowser will be temporarily installed.

Rupert Bool, Acting Head of Parks, says design work for the two smaller wharves is being finalised. The work is planned to begin this winter and will take approximately four months to complete.

“We’re excited to get this work underway in Akaroa and the community is looking forward to seeing this project move forward. Council would like to acknowledge the patience of the community.”

Drummonds Jetty

Once rebuilt, the structure – including jetty, gangway and pontoons – will extend 108m into Akaroa Harbour. This length has been adjusted from previous plans to ensure sufficient depth for recreational and commercial operators to access the pontoons during low tide. To provide additional capacity during the Akaroa Wharf rebuild, two floating pontoons will temporarily be added to the end of the rebuilt jetty, connected to the wharf via a gangway. These pontoons will be removed and relocated for use on Akaroa Wharf once construction is nearing completion.

The new jetty will be made of hardwood and have one set of steps on the northern side. The pontoons will be 5m wide and 20m long. These are for both commercial and recreational use.

Daly’s Wharf

The shelter at the end of Daly’s wharf will be temporarily relocated to the adjacent park, near Ma Maison restaurant. This will remain accessible to the public and eventually reinstated at the end of Daly’s Wharf once the new Akaroa Wharf is open in 2027. This will also have repairs undertaken and new roof tiles installed.

Daly’s wharf will have strengthening work carried out and some of the timber decking replaced. As Akaroa Wharf is prepared for closure, the diesel bowser from Akaroa Wharf will be relocated to Daly’s Wharf and a new crane will be installed. The bowser and crane will be temporary fixtures at Daly’s and re-installed at Akaroa Wharf when the rebuild is complete.

Akaroa Wharf

Design work for the main Akaroa Wharf is underway with Holmes, who were awarded the lead design contract. The wharf will be raised 600mm from its current level to future-proof the wharf from future sea level rise.

Council is preparing to go out to market for contractors to bid for these works.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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