Sensational Twitter Meltdown Moments

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 13, 2023 |


As an avid observer of social media interactions, I can’t help but be entertained by the daily meltdowns of Twitter users.

Their outrage seems to be directed at just about anything and everything.

This week, I came across a column by Dr. Bryce Edwards, in which he analysed the researchers behind the Disinformation Project.

This topic has attracted a significant amount of attention from various political factions, and Dr. Edwards’ analysis clearly struck a nerve with some individuals who vehemently disagreed with his assessment.

Instead of engaging in thoughtful discourse, detractors resorted to their usual tactics of attempting to delegitimise him through ad hominem attacks.

It’s almost like they’re throwing a temper tantrum, but instead of stomping their feet, they’re typing angry tweets.

The online meltdown turned up a notch when they realised I had been quoted in the article.

One Auckland self-proclaimed independent media person who describes himself as “friendly” labelled me “unhinged.”

He continued his outrage.

“I’m pretty fucking sick of the presumptive “leftwing” politics folks with mainstream access being, at best, dumb af.”

Another Twitter user, a 61-year-old man, who describes himself as a seeker of joy, resorted to describing Dr. Edwards’ article as “a shitty self-serving piece of empty snark.”

I guess he wasn’t feeling joyful that day.

The most comical part was when another Twitter user chose to critique Dr. Edwards’ Twitter verification status and wanted to know if his Twitter badge was purchased.

Their reliance on ad hominem attacks and preoccupation with Twitter verification highlighted the nuttiness in the absence of legitimate arguments.

I’d recommend a cup of tea and a vanilla wine biscuit.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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