Hipkins gains popularity, Luxon down in polls

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 13, 2023 |

In the latest One News Kantar poll, the Labour party has dropped by two points to 36 percent, while the National party has fallen three points to 34 percent.

The poll results have been a setback for Christopher Luxon, who has lost five points and now has 17 percent support.

On the other hand, Chris Hipkins has gained four points and now leads as the preferred Prime Minister with 27 percent support.

The Green party has seen a surge in popularity, rising by four points to 11 percent.

Act party has also gained one point and is now at 11 percent as well.

If the election were held based on these results, the Labour party and the Green party would have 60 seats, while National and Act would have 57.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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