Christchurch police impound 13 vehicles

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 28, 2024 |

Christchurch police made multiple arrests and vehicle impoundments stemming from the annual Chrome car show.

The event, which drew over 500 car enthusiasts from the Canterbury region to Christchurch from March 1 to March 3, ended with 11 motorists issued with summons, and three arrests.

Sergeant Luke Vaughan said the event’s main cruise on Saturday proceeded without incident.

However, the weekend was not without its challenges.

“Sustained loss of traction and excessive speed were prevalent issues,” Vaughan noted.

“In total, 13 vehicles were impounded for engaging in burnouts, both over the weekend and in prior events.

“Our officers were dedicated to deterring illegal street racing and burnouts, but unfortunately, over 30 speeding infringements were issued.”

One driver was caught traveling at 104km/h in a 50km/h zone, with several others exceeding 80km/h in the same area.

Vaughan said “drivers performing burnouts not only cause significant damage to roads but also pose a considerable risk to other road users.”

“Our staff will continue to take action against anti-social road users. Drivers doing burnouts not only causes significant road damage, but also endangers other people on the road.

“Police also wish to thank the members of the community for their ongoing assistance in reporting their concerns and urge the public to continue to do so when they see illegal road user activity.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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