OPINION: Unhinged Twitter Thought Police: Bizarre Attempt to Shame & Discredit

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 11, 2023 |


Just when you thought the bizarre world of Twitter could not sink any lower, a recent “transgression” from a newly appointed Radio New Zealand host sent the fringes of Twitter into a spin.

 In a world where social media platforms have increasingly become breeding grounds for baseless accusations and performative outrage, this latest debacle is a shining example of the absurd lengths to which some individuals will go in order to police the thoughts and opinions of others.

The RNZ host was in the crosshairs of Twitter’s thought police when screenshots appeared online when she liked a tweet from children’s author J.K. Rowling, who was responding to a nasty comment about her book sales.

 Another perceived transgression followed when the host ‘liked’ a tweet concerning womanhood and biology.

This sent the co-chair of Auckland Pride, into a theatrical display of indignation, suggesting that RNZ was hiring someone who was not only Pākehā, but someone who supported “terfy” views.

The already bewildering situation took a turn for the surreal when a participant in the thread invoked the moon landing as an analogy.

Their bizarre query was in response to my earlier comment expressing concern about the escalating nature of the conflict.

Astonishingly, this individual seemed oblivious to the irony of their comparison and failed to realise how their remark only served to further undermine their own credibility.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong took this photograph of fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin after they planted the flag of the United States on the moon’s surface. / NASA


This absurdity only serves to highlight the lengths to which these self-appointed guardians of morality will go in order to discredit and shame others.

These thought police scour the internet for their next target, eager to pounce on any perceived transgressions and pile on anyone who dares to hold a dissenting opinion.

 Their world is black and white, with no room for nuance or shades of grey.

They are the most intolerant members of our society, constantly weaponising race, sexuality, and now even Twitter “likes” in their attempts to impose their worldview on others.

 While some media outlets cater to these loud, divisive voices, it is only a matter of time before the tide turns against them.

The general public has no appetite for the kind of divisive content produced by these self-righteous Twitter warriors.

 We must resist the attempts of the Twitter thought police to silence and shame those who dare to think differently.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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