Destructive crimewave in Christchurch: Workers shaken after thugs attempt to smash into the Warehouse

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 13, 2023 |

An early morning worker captured thugs smashing windows at the Warehouse in Barrington

Workers in Barrington have been left shaken after teen thugs tried to smash into the Warehouse this morning using hammers and golf clubs.

It was one of four raids that took place in greater Christchurch earlier this morning.

Unfazed by the presence of a nearby worker capturing their actions on camera, they brazenly persisted in their rampage.

A worker told Chris Lynch Media, the youths arrived outside the store in two vehicles at 6AM, some even inside the boot of the car, and started smashing the front windows of the Warehouse.

But when the alarm went off, they ran towards the bakery instead.

In frightening footage seen by Chris Lynch Media, one of the thugs, wearing a hoody and face mask, walks up to the window of the bakery, while a staff member films, and gestures to the camera with a hand gang signal.

There were at least seven offenders, who are then captured getting back into their vehicles.

A worker said her staff at the bakery were “shaken” by the ordeal.

“They thought they were going to smash the window and try and enter the store.

At first, they just thought they were early morning customers until they jumped out of two cars.

Our staff have good support and we will be working with her over the coming weeks” the worker said.

Meanwhile, a Warehouse spokeswoman said they were aware of the incident and police were investigating.

Four raids across greater Christchurch overnight

Police said they were notified of a ram-raid at a service station on Withells Road in Avonhead at about 4.35am.

“It appears that a vehicle was used to gain entry.”

A fog cannon in the store was activated. Enquiries are ongoing to determine if anything was taken the police spokeswoman said.

Five minutes later, police were notified of an attempted burglary at a commercial premises on Main South Road at about 4.40am. The offenders did not gain entry into the premises.

Police were then notified of an attempted burglary at a commercial premises on Barrington Street at about 6am.

The offenders did not gain entry into the premises.

Police were then notified of a burglary (not a ram raid) at two commercial premises on Weedons Ross Road, West Melton at about 6.50am.

Chris Lynch Media understand the local Four Square and Liquad Land were targeted.

“Enquiries are ongoing to determine if anything was taken” the police spokeswoman said.

“Enquiries are underway to determine if these incidents are linked. Police are also making enquiries to identify and locate the offenders.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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