Teenage girls in crime spree

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 06, 2023 |

Three youths including two teenage girls were arrested today in a stolen vehicle in Dunedin following a crime spree.

Two of the youths were involved in multiple incidents across the Otago region over the weekend, including three burglaries, two unlawful vehicle takes, and a petrol drive off a police spokesperson said.

During one of the burglaries in Alexandra, a vehicle belonging to a member of the public was rammed by the offenders leaving the scene.

A 14-year-old female and a 17-year-old female are due to appear in Dunedin Youth Court on 7 June and 12 June.

One youth remains on the run in relation to burglaries and enquiries remain ongoing to locate them. 

“We acknowledge the concern these incidents cause to the wider community and reiterate our commitment to holding these offenders accountable.

We will not tolerate this behaviour in our community and will continue to work hard to ensure our community can be safe and feel safe.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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