Teen who killed man in Cashel Mall might get home detention

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 17, 2023 |

Teenager who killed man in Cashel Mall granted leave to apply for home detention

19-year-old Mark Nagel has been sentenced following a manslaughter conviction for the death of Tony Kelly, but he might never have to serve much jail time.

The teenager delivered a fatal “martial arts-style” kick to the 61-year-old victim’s head in October last year.

Nagel celebrated his crime high fiving his friend after the the offending.

Detective Senior Sergeant Colin Bailie said “Mr Kelly will be desperately missed, and our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

“The victim impact statements read during the proceedings reflect the deep loss felt following Mr Kelly’s death and were especially moving.

“Police would like to acknowledge the investigation team who worked diligently on this case and again reiterate our sympathies to the family of Mr Kelly. 

Justice Rachel Dunningham

Nagel was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment by Justice Rachel Dunningham, but she granted him leave to apply for home detention.

The following statement is published on behalf of the family of Tony Kelly:

Today we stand here almost a year to the day on which Tony was callously attacked, and subsequently lost his life.

We remember Tony, a loved Father, loved brother & brother-in-law, loved Uncle, loved Family member, loved and respected by all whom he met and interacted with.

His Irish charm touched many a life.

Here in Christchurch, Tony will be fondly remembered by the Executive and members of Christchurch Folk Club community.

Over the last number of years, he gave generously of his time, every week without fail, Tony was there helping, for the love of music and this was one of Tony’s happy places.

The Folk club had rekindled his love of music, he was quietly working away playing the guitar.

Just prior to his tragic death, Tony was involved with another of his loves & passions – Gardening & Landscaping.

He had joined alongside his fellow countrymen to help create a memorial garden to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Christchurch Irish Society.

He left us that day with a real sense of purpose seeing the formation of the Garden, looking forward to completing the task and making more new connections.

The Irish Community in Christchurch & Wellington will both miss him.

Replacing a Friend like Tony who volunteered his time for others in the community is a massive task.

We also take a moment to think about those milestones in life that Tony will is no longer be present to take place in, we will miss the stories, his laughter, his wit and the love he had for Family and Friends.

In the words of the Irish Poet John Kells Ingram “And by a stranger’s heedless hands your lonely grave was made” We have solace in knowing that Tony is resting easy, back in his homeland close to Family.

Tony is sorely missed, but here in Christchurch we have a Living Memorial that Tony formed with his own hands, to remember Tony and dedicated in your memory.

Tony was not a man you met every day and you cherished his friendship, one who gave to others unselfishly, having the craic with Tony is one thing that is sorely missed.

In the words of John Kells Ingram “Then here’s your memory, may it be for us a Guiding light” to help us through these times of loss, grief, sorrow and anger.

Rest easy Tony, loved by so many.

May the Road rise up to meet you.
May the Wind always be at your back.
May the Sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall softly upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the Palm of his hand.

Rest in Peace Tony.

The Family now ask for Privacy at this time and no further comments will be given.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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