Owner’s plea for return of stolen dogs, one heavily pregnant

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 15, 2022 |

The owner of two dogs, including one heavily pregnant is urging the public to help bring them home.

Hanmer Springs resident Vickie Miller said last Saturday, she had pet sitter over for the weekend.

Miller, a dog breeder, who runs Budbrook Labrador and Golden Retrievers said “the dog sitter let the dogs out at 7.15am and brought them back in at 7.30 am.

It was then he realised two were missing.

He didn’t see them leave the fully fenced property.

We live on the edge of the forest and at first assumed that they ran into the forest.”

Miller said one was due to have puppies.

Their names are Jar Jar and Binks.

“One week has passed since my dogs went missing. I am desperate to get them home.

Jar Jar has more than likely had her puppies by now and I am extremely concerned for their well being.

The forest and surrounding areas have been looked in by many many people.

It’s looking more like they were stolen.”

Any information can be passed on to NZ police on 105 or crime stoppers 0800 555 111. Police file number 221010/9893

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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