State of Emergency declared for Gore

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 21, 2023 |

Gore District Council

Gore District Council Mayor Ben Bell has this afternoon declared a State of Emergency for the district.

This is due to the heavy rainfall since early this morning causing significant surface flooding.

This means Emergency Management Southland has additional powers it can exercise to assist Gore’s response.

The Council is urging motorists to stay off the roads and out of the water as there may be unseen debris and the water may be contaminated.


With heavy rain falling across the lower part of the South Island and likely to move north over the next couple of days, remember:

Put safety first. Don’t take any chances. Act quickly if you see rising water.

Never try to walk, swim or drive through flood water. Many flood fatalities are caused by people attempting to drive through water.

Always assume that flood water is contaminated with farm run-off, chemicals and sewage. Contaminated flood water can make you sick. Make sure you wash your hands, clothes and property after contact with flood waters.

Floods and flash floods can happen quickly. If you see rising water, do not wait for official warnings. Head for higher ground and stay away from floodwater.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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