Speed limits to change around Selwyn schools

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 30, 2024 |
Outside school
Outside school

New speed limits will be in place around Selwyn schools in the coming months as parts of the Council’s Interim Speed Management Plan come into effect.

The Plan is a proactive approach by the Council to prioritise community safety while it awaits further clarification from the Minister of Transport on the amendment to speed limit rules.

Most Selwyn schools will have a reduced speed limit of 30km/h during peak times when children travel to and from school.

The variable speed limits will be displayed on flashing electronic signs on main roads around each school, and static signs on side roads will show the variable times.

The variable speed limits will become effective as the signs are installed outside each school. Once displayed, motorists will need to follow the new speed limits.

The Council’s Executive Director of Infrastructure and Property, Tim Mason, said the rollout of the new speed limits is an excellent outcome for local school children and their families.

“Selwyn’s roads have been getting busier and busier as our population grows. Our speeds around schools need to account for this so that our kids can safely get to and from school each day.

“This came through in the community feedback on the draft Full Speed Management Plan last year and aligns with the Government’s intentions on setting speed limits. We’re pleased to begin rolling out these safer limits for our schools.”

For most schools, the reduced speed limits will be in place from 8:30 to 9am and 2.45 to 3.15pm. Some schools will also be able to activate the signs during the day for certain activities, such as when bus trips are planned.

The flashing electronic signs will activate during the reduced speed limit time and switch off outside those periods.

The Council has $1.2 million of funding from the transport agency to use towards reducing speeds around schools.

To learn more about the speed limit changes being implemented around Selwyn’s schools, and other network critical areas, see the Interim Speed Management Plan.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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